Monday, 5 November 2012

Rally's Sportsbar + Smokehouse Restaurant Review

It was my husband's birthday a while back and he really didn't feel like driving too far so I did some research and found out that Rally's Sportsbar + Smokehouse (1660 O'Connor Drive, Toronto) had some pretty good reviews and they did ribs - perfect, since my hubby loves ribs!

So for Saturday lunch we decided to check out the food and space at the bar.  It was definitely easily identifiable as the venue looks brand smacking new and colourful amongst the strip plazas and housing nearby.

Inside, they had large lcd screen tvs so regardless of where you are sitting, there was always a good view.  It also had a large private party space with a giant screen TV.  I immediately thought if this place is ends up being good, it would be a great venue to come back with my bro-in-law who is always looking for a space to watch the big game - I need to stop being so optimistic, remember looks aren't everything!


We started off with the wings platter in hot.  First it wasn't hot (I do recognize as South Asians, our version of hot is quite on a different scale but even Frank's or Tabasco hot sauce was hotter than this!) and secondly it was served lukewarm.  They lost major points here.

Since we went on a Saturday, they were serving brunch and I tried the pulled pork bennies - these were very good but served lukewarm.  The tossed greens were in dire need of dressing and the home fries were nothing to talk about.

 We came for the ribs but found out they don't have that during their lunch menu (I don't recall them posting a lunch menu online so I was really disappointed but kind of glad we ended up not sampling the ribs given our disappointment with the wings.).  My husband had the burger instead.  Again, it was nothing to talk about.

Overall, would we come back here again?  Definitely not for the food but it really is a nice venue so if you wanted to catch the game and get a few drinks at the bar- this is a good alternative to the packed bars elsewhere.  But don't go there hungry as you will be disappointed.

Verdict: 2.5/5
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